What is a quickscreen, and how do I use it?

A quickscreen allows you to run a check on an applicant without involving the applicant.
  • When running a quickscreen, add /quick to the URL.
  • The response you get from a quick screen is set to ANALYZING. To receive live results, setup a webhook, or make a subsequent call.
Pre-requisite: Obtain all the required information prior to running the check, and include it in your request.

What is a manual review, and how does it work?

When filing an application with an Enhanced Identity Verification, applicants upload a selfie and pictures of their ID. If our tool cannot validate them, it flags the application for Manual Review.
A customer support agent from our team then reaches out to the applicant via the email on file and asks them to upload new photos. Once received, our agents re-process the application.

Retention policies

Refer to our privacy policy for all details regarding our retention policies.