What is a quickscreen, and how do I use it?

A quickscreen allows you to run a check on an applicant without involving the applicant.
  • When running a quickscreen, add /quick to the URL.
  • The response you get from a quick screen is set to ANALYZING. To receive live results, setup a webhook, or make a subsequent call.
Pre-requisite: Obtain all the required information prior to running the check, and include it your request.

What is manual review, and how does it work?

When filling an application with an Enhanced Identity Verification, applicants upload a selfie and pictures of their ID. If our tool cannot validate them, it flags the application for Manual Review.
A customer support agent from our team then reaches out to the applicant via the email on file and asks them to upload new photos. Once received, our agents re-process the application.

Retention policies

How long are reports stored by Certn?

Screening results are typically retained for three years unless separate requirements exist.

How long does a request for deletion take?

After a request for deletion, screening data will be retained for three months or until the end of the original three year period, whichever comes first.