Canadian Criminal Record Check

Basic Canadian Criminal Record Check (CRC)

A Basic Canadian CRC searches the federal Canadian criminal records database. The check verifies the accuracy of criminal convictions disclosed by the candidate (indictable, hybrid, and summary offences for which a pardon has not been granted). If your candidate has any convictions to disclose, they'll need to provide the name, date, and court location for each conviction. Typically, the date given by a candidate for a conviction must be accurate within two years to be verified. The Basic Canadian Criminal Record Check does not usually contain records for offences committed as a youth (under 18 years of age).

Enhanced Canadian Criminal Record Check (CRC)

An Enhanced Canadian CRC includes the results of a standard check, plus searches of additional information sources for broader criminal history information to indicate whether or not your candidate has a criminal history beyond the scope of the Basic check. The Enhanced check searches the CPIC investigative data bank, the Public Safety Portal previously known as the Police Information Portal (PIP), and in some cases, local police indices and/or court registries.

DatabaseStandard CRCEnhanced CRC

Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)

Police Information Portal (PIP)

Firearms Interest Police (FIP)

Niche RMS

Enhanced Canadian CRC PIP Search List
  • Conditional and absolute discharges which have not been removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre system

  • Probation information

  • Wanted person information

  • Accused person information

  • Peace bonds

  • Judicial orders

  • Warrants

  • Criminal charges that have been withdrawn

  • Dismissed or stayed of proceedings

  • Any negative contact with police


This check is available in Canada 🇨🇦 and the US 🇺🇸

This check is available for a quickscreen


Human Resources


Property Management



Request flag

Include one of these flags in the body of your request:

Standard Check: request_criminal_record_check

Enhanced Check: request_enhanced_criminal_record_check

Invite parameters

To invite an applicant to complete a screen, include this parameter in the body of your request:

  • email

Applicants must go through identity verification to complete a Canadian CRC or an Enhanced Canadian CRC. Make sure to add an Enhanced Identity Verification before sending your request.

See all available Application parameters

Quickscreen parameters

To complete a quickscreen, include these parameters in the body of your request:

You also need your applicant to provide a full conviction history. Share the details through these fields:

When requesting a quickscreen for a Canadian CRC or an Enhanced Canadian CRC, you need to provide us with your applicant's proof of identification.

Add an Enhanced Identity Verification to your request to insure its completion.

Make sure to obtain the proof of consent from your applicant before running the quickscreen.

Example request

The following example contains fields for an enhanced criminal record check.

Add an enhanced identity verification to your request before sending it.

    "request_enhanced_criminal_record_check": true,
    "request_enhanced_identity_verification": true,
    "email": "",
    "information": {
        "first_name": "Andrew",
        "last_name": "McLeod",
        "date_of_birth": "1987-03-04",
        "birth_city": "Victoria",
        "birth_province_state": "BC",
        "birth_country": "CA",
        "gender": "M",
        "phone_number": "250-555-5555",
        "addresses": [{
                "address": "4412 King Alfred Court",
                "city": "Victoria",
                "province_state": "BC",
                "country": "CA",
                "current": true
        "convictions": [{
                "offense": "332",
                "date_of_sentence": "2000-01-01",
                "court_location": "Victoria, BC, Canada",
                "description": "Robbery; Theft over $200"
            }, {
                "offense": "348",
                "date_of_sentence": "2000-01-01",
                "court_location": "Victoria, BC, Canada",
                "description": "Break, enter, and theft"
        "rcmp_consent_given": true
    "enhanced_identity_verification": {
        "id_country": "CA",
        "id_type": "DRIVING_LICENSE",
        "id_frontside_image": "<base64 encoded image>",
        "id_backside_image": "<base64 encoded image>",
        "face_image": "<base64 encoded image>"
    "position_or_property_location": {
        "address": "Tiffany & Co., 97 Greene St",
        "city": "New York City",
        "county": "New York",
        "province_state": "NY",
        "country": "US",
        "postal_code": "10012",
        "location_type": "Position Location"


Report field: rcmp_result

Test data

Send Canadian CRC requests with the following sets of data on our demo environment to retrieve our pre-filled reports.

Clear results

First nameLast name



Records found

First nameLast name




400 Bad Request

‌You may receive a 400 Bad Request if:‌

"request_enhanced_identity_verification": "This field is required."

"non_field_errors": "One of identity_verification or request_enhanced_identity_verification is required for criminal record checks."

How to fix this issue

Add the appropriate identity verification method before sending your request.

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