Motor Vehicle Record Check / Driver's Abstract

Driver's Abstract (DA) - CA

A Driver's Abstract check includes discovering traffic citations, vehicular crimes, accidents, driving under the influence convictions and the number of points on the applicant’s driver’s license.

Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) - US

A Motor Vehicle Record report shows a copy of a candidate's driving record which includes license status, traffic citations and accident history through a state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Additional state fees apply.


This check is available in Canada 🇨🇦 and the US 🇺🇸

This check is available for a quickscreen ⚠️ in some provinces and states


Human Resources


Property Management


  • Quickscreen

  • Invite


Quick screen is not available for the following province:

  • British Columbia (BC)

    • Applicants must initiate the request themselves via the BC portal while completing the process with Certn.

We currently do not offer driver's abstracts for the following provinces:

  • Alberta (AB)

  • Québec (QC)


Request flag

Include this flag in the body of your request:


Invite parameters

To invite an applicant to complete a screen, include this parameter in the body of your request:

  • email

See all available Application parameters

Quickscreen parameters

To complete a quickscreen, include these parameters in the body of your request:

Make sure to obtain the proof of consent from your applicant before running the quickscreen.

Example request

    "request_motor_vehicle_records": true,
    "information": {
        "first_name": "Andrew",
        "last_name": "McLeod",
        "date_of_birth": "1970-06-28",
        "addresses": [{
                "address": "4412 King Alfred Court",
                "city": "Victoria",
                "province_state": "BC",
                "country": "CA",
                "current": true
        "license_number": "1234567",
        "license_prov_state": "BC"
    "position_or_property_location": {
        "address": "Tiffany & Co., 97 Greene St",
        "city": "New York City",
        "county": "New York",
        "province_state": "NY",
        "country": "US",
        "postal_code": "10012",
        "location_type": "Position Location"


Report field: motor_vehicle_record_result

Test data

British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

Send Driver's Abstract requests with the following sets of data on our demo environment to retrieve our pre-filled reports for BC applicants.

First nameLast name





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